Does anyone else feel like 2015 is going by a little fast? I mean, it’s almost March! Geez… So here I am, re–evaluating my goals (as one does this time of year) and turning my super ambitious New Year’s resolutions into realistic plans of action. Here are five things I’m trying* to turn into habits this year to make my life a little more calm, less cluttered and more full of joy.

1. Take a picture of each of my kids every day. How awesome would this one be if it really did happen every day? Even if they’re a blur half of the time, it’s such a great way to document their little lives, their growth and quirks. All the little moments you don’t want to forget as a mom. If I was really on top of things, I’d start a private Instagram account and write a little caption to go along with the daily photo. But, like I said, we’re keeping these goals realistic.

2. Read before bed. For a while, I was really good at trading my iPhone for a book during my little window of downtime before bed. It was nice to get lost in a book for a few minutes instead of sucked into celebrity gossip on Facebook or in the black hole that is late–night Pinterest. Not only is it relaxing to take a break from my phone (which I use a lot for work so it gets me in the work mindset!), but not looking at a screen right before bed definitely helps me get to sleep faster.

3. Do all of the laundry in one day. I’ve talked to friends who say that they literally do two or more loads of laundry every day. Every day. That’s a lot of laundering. A few weeks ago I decided that I was only going to do laundry once a week (yes, week!) and guys, it’s been pretty amazing. Yes, my entire day is basically devoted to the task, but there’s no longer a huge pile of clean clothes on the floor all week, waiting to be folded and I don’t have to think about it at all the other six days of the week. And that, my friends, is what we call winning.

4. Question and answer session with kids before bed. Aubryn is such a talker and will call you back in after light’s out with fifteen Hey Mom’s if you let her, so setting aside a little time every night for her to just talk has made a huge difference and has even helped her fall asleep faster. We do the same questions each night: what made you happy today, what made you sad, what is one more thing you want to tell me. P.S. here are some other great suggestions for bedtime questions if you’re interested.

5. Pare down my beauty routine. This year I’ve done a few simple things to cut down the time I spend getting ready. I invested in a new straightener ($30 and 85% off on Zulily!) that allows me to fix my hair in literally a quarter of the time and started from scratch with my makeup (products and look), cutting it down to six products in six minutes. I’ve also been trying to take better care of my skin, hair, body, which always makes me feel more better, more put together and, yes, more beautiful.

What little habits have you been trying to form this year? Also, speaking of books, what are you reading these days? Anything you’d recommend?

*The key word here is “try.” There are days (and sometimes weeks, ha!) where these things don’t happen, but I’d love for them to become things I don’t even have to think twice about.

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