We have a handful of children’s apps downloaded on our phones, for those long car rides or last-minute trips to Ikea. We try to keep our short list to apps that are educational, well-designed and fun. Here are the prettiest children’s apps we’ve come across that will help your little ones learn while they play (and you shop. Or eat a meal uninterrupted, your choice).

1. Endless ABC’s: This is above and beyond our favorite app on this list. With super fun animations and adorable little monsters, it makes letter matching and identification that much more fun. The app features huge lists of words that begin with each letter, verbal and illustrated definitions of each word and each little letter makes their sound when clicked on. It is full of learning opportunities for children of all ages. 

2. Drawninal: my favorite thing about this app is that it is a tool that encourages creativity off of the device. Aubryn will start drawing an animal with the help of this app and will start to move to other parts of the page to keep drawing on her own, not because she’s bored but because she’s inspired. 

3. Avokiddo Emotions: this app teaches little ones about emotions in a funny, lighthearted environment. They learn that certain actions trigger certain emotions from characters and begin to understand the types of things that make people happy, what makes people laugh, what might cause people to be sad. And even if they aren’t quite old enough to pick up on social cues, they are sure to get a laugh out of this hilarious app. 

4. Toca Doctor: Toca games are so popular, but this is our favorite. Aubryn never gets bored of fixing the different body parts over and over again. 

5. Petting Zoo — Animal Animations: this interactive story book will keep your toddler (and you!) occupied for hours. There are so many different ways to interact with the characters and the illustrations are so fun and cute. 

6. Montessori Geometry: it’s a little hard to believe that a math game could be fun, but here you have it folks. It’s so simple to use and teachers toddlers important concepts in fun ways.

7. Montessori Numberland: this app helps your little one learn numbers 0-9 as they travel through different lands. They learn about quantity, practice their tracing skills and eventually learn how to write the letters on their own.  

8. Hat Monkey: This interactive story requires a little help from parents if your child isn’t a reader yet, but it is such a fun, clever and engaging app. Your little one can help the monkey eat a banana, watch him dance, and even text him. I promise they will love it (and you won’t mind it either). 

What apps do your children love? Any I missed? I’d love to hear your must-haves!

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