Has anyone else been binge–watching Gilmore Girls since it showed up on Netflix? I had never watched it before but decided to check it out when it blew up my feed a few weeks ago. And hello! It’s so good. 

I’ve seen Lauren Graham in Parenthood, but can’t get enough of her as Lorelai. Her quick wit, her love for Rory, her eating habits… And her unfailing wisdom. So here you have it: The Reigning Lorelai’s tips for delighting in motherhood. 

On priorities:

Rory: The house is burning and you can save the cake or me. Which do you save?
Lorelai: That’s not fair. The cake doesn’t have legs.

On making dinner:

Lorelai: Okay, I know I was the one that said I was craving mashed potatoes, but, oh my God, they’re a lot of work.
Rory: It’s instant mashed potatoes. Key word: instant.
Lorelai: Oh, no, not instant. I have to mix water and butter into it, not to mention the adding of salt and pepper.

On ungrateful children:

Lorelai: My life stinks. Hey, let’s look into each other’s eyes and say “I wish I were you” at exactly the same time — maybe we’ll pull a Freaky Friday.
Rory: Or we can just pretend that we did and you can go around acting really immature. Oh, wait.
Lorelai: I can’t believe you won’t switch bodies with me.

On making said children to hate you:

Rory: You never socialized me properly, I should hate you right now. Do something to make me hate you.
Lorelai: Um, go Hitler!

On making mistakes:

You have so many years of screw–ups ahead of you. 

On not being too tough on your kids:

You’ll kick your own butt later if you blow this. 

On the upside of poor life choices:

If you’re gonna throw your life away, he’d better have a motorcycle!

On talking to the opposite sex:

Rory: I just don’t want to do or say anything else that’s going to be completely moronic.
Lorelai: I’m afraid once your heart is involved, it all comes out in moron.

On motherly love:

The only way you could be more important to me is if you had a Kit Kat bar growing out of your head.

On the feeling every mother knows:

I love it when I talk and no one listens. Makes me think of home. 

What are your favorite Lorelia moments? It’s so hard to pick just one!

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