I don’t care how clean you keep your house, those little (adorable, cuddly, sweet, wonderful) monsters, err kids, bring a whole new collection of smells with them wherever they go. They hide milk-filled sippy cups the couch cushions, let burps and toots go without a care (and sometimes for sport), forget to flush the toilet, put snacks under their bed to “save for later”… It makes for a pretty dangerous environment, especially when guests are involved.

No matter what the state of our house, we have a quick check list we run though when expecting guests: do we have a few clean cups (really, where do they all go?!), is there enough toilet paper in the bathroom, are all the sneaky Legos off the floor (there is nothing more painful…). And honestly, sometimes we even forget to do those thing. But there’s one thing we always remember to do:

Freshen things up with fragrance. We use to have a spray fragrance handy to spritz throughout the house right before people came over, but it was so overpowering and faded within minutes. We recently switched to Glade’s Wax Melts Warmer and we’re hooked. It’s so easy to just plug it in and let it take care of all the smells while you take care of those stray toys and dishes. Plus, your house smells amazing for hours, even after switching off the warmer!

What’s your go–to hosting tip? I’m also curious: how has your hosting prep (and just being social in general!) changed since having kids? We’ve been slacking so much in this department lately but are determined to up our game now that the weather is warming up!

P.S. I’m that lady that spends twenty minutes in the fragrance aisle smelling every single scent, and I’m betting you’ve spent more time there than you’d like to admit too. Quick tip: Blooming Peony and Cherry from Glade’s Hello Spring collection is top–notch.

This post was created in collaboration with Glade. Thanks for your amazing support of collaborations like these that allow us to keep on creating unique content for you! I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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