Toddlers say the darndest things, right? I’m constantly writing down the little things that Aubryn says throughout the day, and man, if only Cal could talk… I’m sure that little fireball would have some funny things to add to our conversations. Here are some of my favorite Aubryn–isms as of late.

After watching the Lego Movie a million times: “Honey, where are my paaaaaaants?”

While running errands: “Ok Google, directions to our crazy home.” (Can you tell we’ve had to use our GPS a lot lately, haha!)

Google Maps: “You have arrived at your destination.” Aubryn: “We didn’t want to go to destination, we wanted to go to Target!”

Praying: “Thank you for my boys.” (Referring to her dad and Cal.)

Telling me about a lady she met: “She’s nice but she doesn’t know any songs.”

Trying to get Cal to eat his dinner, quiche: “You remember pumpkin pie, buddy? It’s like that, but it’s not! It’s yummy, try it!” (Toddler eating tip: cook everything in a pie dish to make them think they’re actually eating some kind of pie.)

Every day when we pick Jordan up from work: “So how was things today, Dad?”

After spilling some dinner on her pants: “What the gosh!”

What are your little ones saying lately? I’ll be making a little series out of these quirky little things Aubryn says and would love to add in your toddler–isms too. Comment below and I’ll round up some favorites to share in another post soon!

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